Il Sogno prawn salad with Pieropan Calvarino


Il Sogno prawn salad

Sautéed Side Stripe Prawn with Fennel, Celery Root and Blood Orange Salad


1 Celery Root
1 bulb of Fennel
3 Blood Oranges segmented
1 bunch of Parsley picked
1 tbsp of White Balsamic Vinegar
1 tbsp Blood Orange Juice
3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt to taste
1 lb peeled Side Stripe Prawns
1 tbsp Butter


1. Peel and slice celery root, then cut into julienne strips.
2. Cut fennel into four, take out core and slice thin.
3. Blanch celery root in salted boiling water for 1 minute, then refresh in ice bath.
4. Blanch the fennel for 30 seconds in salty boiling water, then refresh in ice bath.
5. Peel and segment blood oranges, reserving the juice from the flesh.
6. In a salad bowl, add blanched fennel, celery root, blood orange segments and parsley leaves.
7. Add white balsamic, 2 tbsp olive oil and reserved orange juice.
8. Season to taste
9. On medium high heat, add 1 tbsp of butter and olive oil to sauce pan.
10. When butter begins to foam, add prawns and briefly sauté.
11. Dress plates with salad, place the prawns on top and foam the dish with prosecco foam.

Chef Alain Chabot

Chef Alain Chabot brings passion, excitement, and exuberance in the flavors and the presentation on the menu at “Inspired Italian” restaurant Il Sogno.

Born just outside of Edmonton, Alberta and of French Canadian descent; Alain spent 3 years apprenticing with the Umberto Menghi restaurant group in Whistler B.C., which led him to many creative kitchens worldwide; Whistler, Victoria, Quebec, Switzerland and Italy. All areas of the kitchen would then fascinate and drive Chef Alain and his thirst for knowledge; Graduate red seal designation, Quebec City Quebec, Barry Callebaut chocolate workshops, and the infinite search for finest local products/producers.

“Excellent flavors are created from the best ingredients available, treated with respect and passion.” A philosophy he was taught and now teaches to the eager staff at Il Sogno. As he and his team strive to set the standard in fine dining.

Our clientele have quickly stipulated our signature dishes; Skewers of prosciutto and melon with granny smith apple reduction and candied pistachio, house made pastas such as ravioli filled with artichoke, finished in candied rabbit and pine nut emulsion or tortelloni filled with side stripe prawn and crab in a saffron corn nage and roasted red pepper compote. Although it would seem that the most popular way to dine is through “the taste of Il Sogno”; Leaving your palate in the hands of Chef Alain and his team to provide a 4 to 5 course dining experience, entrees such as roasted Veal Saltimbocca on gnocchi as well as the breast of duck with sour cherry gastrique and Savoy cabbage have too, become favorites. Buon Appetito!