The Baracchi winery is ideally positioned on the Cortonese hillside and adjoins the Relais. Riccardo Baracchi strongly desired to continue the family tradition of growing grapes and producing wine since 1860 giving it now a modern character and great quality with renowned wine maker, Stefano Chioccioli. Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet and Trebbiano are the grapes that give life to their wines. All operations in the vineyard are carried out by hand with the utmost attention so that each of the 6,500 vines per hectare will produce only a few bunches of grapes, each with the full expression of the plant. A tribute to the land of Cortona and to the joy of drinking well.

The Baracchi Winery

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Ardito IGT
Baracchi, Toscana
Type: Red
SRP: $72.00
CSPC: 723610
Smeriglio Cortona Sangiovese
Baracchi, Toscana
Type: Red
SRP: $39.00
CSPC: 723837
Astore IGT
Baracchi, Toscana
Type: White
SRP: $35.00
CSPC: 723611
Smeriglio Cortona Merlot
Baracchi, Toscana
Type: Red
SRP: $38.00
CSPC: 723612