Indeed, upon stepping into the streets of towns such as Taormina, Siracusa, Giardini di Naxos or Palermo, where oranges fall at your feet and lemons hang in place of pine cones, you may start to realize why the naturally romantic Italians themselves say, "Sicily is paradise". __Sicily, throughout history has been a place where more cultures have converged than any other in Europe or the world. From the Arabs who first settled there, to the Greeks, the Romans and the Normans, Sicily has been a melting pot and battle ground of culture, tradition, art and architecture. The ruins, located throughout Sicily are numerous, vast and incredible. <p>Sicily may be more interesting to those who enjoy adventures off the "beaten path". It may be difficult in some respects for visitors to navigate the island, but the tourist information system is getting progressively better. It is well worth the risk to dive right into Sicilian culture, for what awaits a guest in this rich Italian province is nothing short of magic.</p>

Sicilia (Sicily)

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