Petrolo - bounty of awards

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013


Galatrona 2011 scored 99 points
Bògginanfora 2011 scored 96 points
Bòggina 2011 scored 94 points
Torrione 2011 scored 94 points


Torrione 2011 was given “Tre Bicchieri” for the first time in its history
Galatrona 2011 was not presented as it will only be on next year. We believe this will allow tasting Galatrona at its best.


We’re so glad to announce the prestigious Award of “Wine of Eccellence” given to
Bògginanfora 2011
It’s extremely rare that a wine at its first release is given such high award.


Extremely favourable have been the scores on both 2010 and 2011 vintage for all Petrolo’s wines with the new curator of the Italian Section “Monica Larner”.
Galatrona 2010 96 points, one of the highest results on Parker’s current issue (#208)
Bòggina 2011 94
Torrione 2010 93 points, extremely positive recognition thinking of its price
Sanpetrolo 2004 Spectacular 97 points at our extremely rare sweet wine
Inarno 2012 88 extremely important score for this Petrolo new project, an “entry-level wine” we really believe in.
Again as for Gambero rosso, Galatrona 2011 was not presented as it will only be on next year


Galatrona 2011 (en primeur tasting from vats before bottling) (93-95)
Bòggina 2011 93
Inarno 2012 88 same as Wine Advocate.

Photo of Petrolo - bounty of awards