Selosse - The Winemaker Behind FDSG Dubl Bubbles

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Jacques Selosse
Anselme Selosse, of the village of Avize in Champagne, is in a superleague of his own. After taking over the 17 1/2 -acre family holdings from his father, Jacques, in 1980, he began applying winemaking techniques that he had learned in Burgundy, fermenting and aging his base wine in barriques (small French oak barrels) and employing organic growing methods. Critics contend that Anselme's Chardonnay-based wines taste like Burgundy with bubbles, and there's no question that both his vintage and nonvintage Champagnes, with their complex aromas, their fullness in the mouth and their hint of oak-derived vanilla, can make the wines of his rivals seem washed out by comparison. But as Anselme says, "These are wines first and Champagnes second." He makes four grand cru Champagnes: a nonvintage, a vintage, a sweeter demi-sec and the Cuvée Origine.