Argiolas Korem with the Living Room's Beef Tenderloin

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

What a great way to enter the new year with Argiolas Korem paired with one of Living Room's great dishes from their "Favourites" menu. Hamilton Farms Beef Tenderloin (Spring 2003) Favourite is a 8 oz filet, seared Quebec foie gras, black truffle jus and roasted fingerling potatoes. Paired with Argiolas Korem. This wine is a gem on their list, the blend is so unique, as is the region. When paired with food The lIving Room customers absolutely love it, there are tremendous aromatics, that keep you interested in every sip. On the palate the structure is firm, but with a gracious finish that absolutely cleanses every bite.

Living Room Restaurant
514 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB